Installing Windows Device Drivers

Windows XP/Vista/7

When Stratify Link is installed, it copies the driver files to C:\Windows\inf (or whatever your Windows directory is). When a Stratify OS device is connected, Windows 7 automatically installs the driver.

Windows 8.1

When Stratify OS Link is installed, it copes the driver files to C:\Windows\inf.
However, Windows 8 is not able to automatically install the drivers. To install the drivers follow the following steps:

  1. After installing Stratify OS Link, connect the Stratify OS powered device
  2. Move the files (4 of them: 2 inf’s and 2 cat’s) that start with the name StratifyOS from C:\Windows\inf to the Desktop (or another easily accessible location)
  3. Start the device manager
  4. You should see “StratifyOS Link Port” and “StratifyOS Notify Port” under other; right click on it and select “Update Driver Software”
  5. Select the option to specify a location for the driver
  6. Specify to installed from the Desktop (e.g., C:\Users\you\Desktop)
  7. Windows 8 should successfully install the driver

These steps only need to be taken the first time a device is connected. Subsequently, other Stratify OS devices should be automatically loaded by Windows 8.1.